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Governor of Kamchatskiy krai Vladimir I. Ilyukhin's Greetings

Dear friends!

 Let me introduce you one of the most amazing and beautiful place of the Earth – Kamchatskiy krai which was opened and became free for business and tourism entirely not long ago.

Kamchatskiy krai is the region possessing the considerable potential for investments based on the richest natural resources – water resources, valuable salmon species, mineral resources of the peninsula and its shelf, astonishing virgin nature.

Kamchatskiy krai is the unique area for tourism and recreation. Thermal and mineral springs, volcanoes and glaciers, the eminent Valley of Geysers, diverse flora and fauna mainly unaffected by civilization enable the development practically of all kinds of tourism.

Thanks to its own geographical position Kamchatka acquires the intercontinental importance in the world transport system on the routes from Europe to America, from Europe to the South-East Asia, from the South-East Asia to America.

Kamchatskiy krai, the region with the steady developing economics and stable political situation, reaching the objective of its dynamic development and growth of economic ties, launches the projects on the development of the main strategic spheres, such as fish industry, mining, tourism and sports, infrastructure renovation (power engineering, transport, and communication).

 I invite you to visit Kamchatka and to assure yourself that cooperation with Kamchatskiy krai is available, reliable, and profitable!

V. Ilyukhin
Governor of Kamchatskiy krai


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